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Dynamic, high-production value online courses, program marketing & e-learning content that will engage your audience.

New clients get 15% off their first production.

  • 01 The Clients We Serve
  • 02 Educational Content Types
  • 03 Why Partner with Us?
  • 04 Educational Content Services

Who Are our Education-Focused Clients?

We partner with clients in the higher-education space, as well as other organizational types (non-profits, for-profits, and thought-leaders) who have a passion for creating engaging educational content. This might be an online course, a professional certification, or a program overview.

Whether it's reaching out to current or prospective students to share information, fundraising efforts aimed at alumni/funders, or establishing and maintaining thought leadership within your niche, we can help you create powerful, compelling content.

As you continue down the page, you'll see some recent samples of some of the most popular forms of education content.

Don't see what you are looking for?  Check out our services page for a full rundown of all the media production services we offer.

What Types of Content do we Produce for Educational Organizations?

We work with a wide variety of clients whose mission and focus is education and e-learning.

With the rise in popularity of online courses thanks to publishers such as Masterclass, high-production value online courses have started to become the norm, rather than the exception, and we find ourselves continuing to raise the bar for our clients in order to compete in this exciting marketplace.

In additional to online instruction & training, we find that educational organizations also often find themselves needing video for fundraising efforts, as well as informative content to spotlight new & existing programs or degrees. 

Take a look below at some of the content we have created for universities and organizations that may be similar to your needs.

Why Partner with The Video Garage?

One of our core values is partnership, and although we may be an external provider, our goal is to act as a seamless and frictionless extension of your organization when it comes to producing content. We take the time to really understand your goals, your audience and your budget in order to produce the most effective content possible. We're also a group of self-described lifelong learners, and absolutely love the feeling of discovery and enlightenment we find within the realm of education.

Our goal is always to build relationships with our clients that allow us to leverage our knowledge and expertise in order to help our clients and their campaigns be as successful as possible. We're not just a production company, we're a true partner, and we're in it for the long term.


We Regularly Produce These Kinds of Educational Content

  • Presentations
  • Webinars
  • Panel Discussions
  • Remote Video Productions
  • Video Podcasting
  • Training & Process Videos
  • Organizational Awareness Content
  • Organizational Fundraising
  • Instructional Videos
  • Conversations
  • Interviews
  • DIY Projects


Popular Educational Video Types

See our Services page for a full list of our media production services

education board with post it notes

Bring Your Vision To Life

We can't wait to learn more about we can partner with you on your next educational video project! New clients get 15% off their first production.


The world of video production is creative, dynamic and exciting. For the uninitiated (as well as the initiated) it can also be a bit daunting.

We strive to make productions safe, fun and creative spaces for our crew, our clients and talent. We truly believe production should be fun, and we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone who is a part of our productions has an awesome experience. Here is a small sample of questions we frequently receive from new clients.

Don't see your question here? Just send us a quick note through the form above and we'll get back to you right away!

What industries do you typically serve?

We work with a wide range of industries. That said, we find that we are particularly well-suited to working with companies in manufacturing, higher-education clients, high-tech products & services, medical-technology & research, as well as software development companies.

We also have a strong interest in partnering with organizations for whom efforts to improve diversity, equity and inclusion are core values.

Do You Have a studio? Yes, we have an 1800 sq. ft. production studio in the Allston area of Boston, with easily accessible guest parking for your team.
How much time does it take to plan a production? Accordion description i
What regions do you serve?

We primarily serve Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island. However we are happy to travel for productions just about anywhere on the planet.

As we always say: "Have camera, will travel!"

What are your payment terms?

We're flexible, and every project, client (and their associated Accounts Payable department) is unique. We'll work with you.

That said, in most cases we request 50% of the agreed-upon project estimate in order to begin production, with the remainder due at various milestones tied to deliverables and mutually agreed-upon dates.

Can I e-mail you instead of using the form?

Absolutely! E-mail us at newproductions@thevideogarage.com


Can You Help Non-Actors Perform better on camera? Accordion description i
What Kind of Cameras & Lenses do you use?

We use all kinds of cameras, most importantly, we use the cameras best suited to your particular project. That said, we generally use the best professional cinema cameras available and suited for corporate production. This includes the range of Canon Cinema EOS cameras, including the C70/200/300, as well as Red Digital Cinema Cameras including the Helium 8K, Dragon-X, and Komodo. We even have a Sony FX9 kicking around somewhere.

For lenses, we have a large selection ranging from vintage to modern designs from Zeiss, Canon, Leica and Cooke.

Do You Offer Hair & Makeup Services? We work with a number of the very best hair & makeup artists in Boston and will be happy to help you select one for your production with us.
Why does your logo look a bit like a microwave?

Things are really heating up at The Video Garage!